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Citrus Theming for Shoppers Online

At the start of 2010 I was having to toil with a rather clunky eCommerce system called Interspire Shopping Cart, I hated it.  It just seemed miles behind everything else that was pushing the envelope on the web.

Also I found the support was terrible, the forums were nothing short of a joke. This being a licensed store, I found it to be lacking in so many elements.

Since I left the company I was working with that used ISC religiously, I have had my eyes opened once more and I fell in love with a superb piece of software from Canadian based web agency/software developers Limewheel Creative. They have developed a wonderful eCommerce platform called LemonStand.

To say that this software was refreshing is an understatement.  I have never really been excited by an eCommerce platform, until now that is.  LemonStand is an absolute pleasure to work with and I found myself enjoying doing what I was doing.

Now earlier this year I was able to really put it through it’s paces with a store for a local trainer, however it never went live and the client paid his bill and then vanished.  Which was a shame because I really worked hard on it and wanted to put it out there for people to see what I could do, and also what LemonStand could do.

(of course I can arrange a private viewing for anyone interested…)

Now LemonStand is incredibly flexible and you can pretty much create any layout you like with as much customisation as you can handle, so I’m about to embark on a journey which will take me through the whole process of theming LemonStand to my own tastes.  I am the client, so it should be easy. 

I will be updating this blog with my thoughts and processes as I undertake this pleasurable task.

Watch this space…